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Be Somebody: A B/J fanmix

Be Somebody
A B/J fanmix

This is the third fanmix I’ve ever made, and seriously html is not my forte… just the formatting for the post took so long, but it works *is proud*. The mix follows all five seasons and I’ve tried to follow the major B/J emotional arcs.

It is downloadable as a .Zip - the link is at the bottom of the post. All 15 songs are Mp3 and available individually on request. Also if the download link expires, let me know. I’m always happy to re-upload no matter how much time has passed.

There are spoilers for the whole series and some NSFW images. The post is also a bit image heavy so dial-up users beware.

Comments are love :)

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QAF 4th July Drabbles

I wanted to post my Drabbles from qaf_drabbles here. I wrote two and they are the first drabbles I've ever written. They were a part of the 4th of July Challenge (which obviously as an Australian I can totally relate to...). It had to contain the words Fireworks, July, Heat & Sweat.

Title: In July & In Life
Author's Notes: This is Post 513 and Gus is about 9 here. Also these are my first drabbles or fanfic ever...

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B/J Fanmix 1 of 2 "Nowhere But the Sky: Justin's Post 513 iPod playlist

I'm Posting here my two new fanmixes that are based on fanmix iPod theme challenge.

I was only going to do one, but I couldn't decide on just Brian or Justin... So I decided on a pair that shows both their views.

They are set Post 513 so Justin is in NY and Brian is in Pittsburgh. Their respective mixes reflect my interpretation of how they would be dealing with the physical separation. So this means that Brians playlist is more angsty and less sure of their future than Justins is.

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